PDIO's Digital BDE Curriculum

The best self-paced digital curriculum on the market. Designed for driving schools by driving instructors.

Our Course

PDIO has partnered with an Ottawa-based tech company, Vr7ual, to develop and produce our MTO Approved, self-paced LMS Digital BDE Course. Our course is interactive, engaging, and fully automated.


Engaging Content for Students

Our content has been developed by our team of driving instructor trainers. Following MTO requirements, we have managed to make the course interactive and instructional.


Interactive Content

Our content is displayed in engaging page style, with many interactive activities, videos and imagery. We have designed the course to look and feel modern. Gone are the days of voiceovers and slides!


Fully Automated

Our LMS is fully automated. From automatic student enrollment (NO enrollment coupons!), automated student and school reminders to automated course completion information for the DES. We include technical, service and even Digital Instructor help for every school-for FREE!


White Labelling

Our course is customized to look and feel unique for every school. Your logo, your phone number and your school name are displayed. Our course is completely unique to each school unlike the other options. For an even more personalized experience, the content has been written to include references to your school and each student’s city throughout the course.


One Click MTO Audit Report

Our LMS contains with the click of one button a report specifically designed for the MTO auditors when they show up. No need to panic or stress for an audit-simply generate a report for every requested student in a matter of minutes and you will have complete peace of mind.


Digital In-Car Recordkeeping*

Our course contains both the 30 hours of theory content, but also includes every student’s in-car tracking FOR FREE. But more than that we have a system for assigning instructors, managing students, generating reports and will eventually be able to help your business with helpful items like payroll. And best of all, want to keep working with paper? No problem!

 *Pending MTO Approval


Our pricing model is competitive, and is a tiered system so the more students you have per month, the more you save!

  • NO sign up fees
  • NO yearly commitment required
  • Competitive pricing model scales to save YOU money!

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