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Professional Driving Instructors of Ontario

PDIO is the premier Driving Instructor training provider in Ontario, providing top-quality Driving Instructor courses from Ministry approved trainers out of our Brampton Campus. 

Driving Instructor Training

Driving Instructor Courses

MTO Approved In-Car
and In-Class Courses

Offered Ontario Wide through
our Virtual Course

PDIO’s MTO Approved Driving Instructor courses have been operating since 2018. Delivering the best quality instruction, our team of experienced trainers will prepare you for this challenging but rewarding career.

This course is approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

PDIO delivers the best training.

Relevant, Engaging Courses
Experienced Trainers
Modern Curriculums

As a Registered Career College, under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005, Professional Driving Instructors of Ontario is proud to offer a variety of Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) approved courses taught by our experienced trainers.

Former Student


“My experience learning from Scott McQuaid in-class on Zoom was great! I had so much fun with him and my classmates. Scott is so full of knowledge and professionalism, I’m very grateful to have learned from the best. Also, he couldn’t have picked two better and kinder in-car teachers for me when I came down to Brampton from Sudbury. Sonia and Sumit were above and beyond excellence in teaching ability! If you are considering becoming a driving instructor, I highly recommend PDIO. I just finished my course last week, and have my first student tomorrow! Good luck everyone!”

Rob Savarie

Past Student-Google Review

“I took the driver instructor’s course with “Professional Driving Instructors of Ontario” at their newly opened location in Brampton Ontario in September, 2019.
I am a very satisfied student with the end results of their method of teaching. They are professional and friendly, and I know that I got the best for my money.

Their standard of teaching this course stand out from the rest, the findings are of such, we were given four Instructors to teach the class safe driving technique on the roadway, every student in the class got a chance to be taught by the different Instructors, hence a variety of teaching which is better than one teacher.
I have heard that no other driving school has done this practice, usually only one Instructor would teach the entire class to drive.

My advice to those who would like to become a driving Instructor, check them out first. (PDIO)”

Carl Beharie

Past Student-Google Review

Excellent training school to be a driver and even an instructor! I had the in-class sessions with Scott and in-car sessions with Qasim. Scott has a knack to make everything appear easy and fun. He has several anecdotes under his belt to make everyone giggle almost all the time, while at the same time teaching the rules and lessons. He has a solution and an answer to every possible problem.

The in-class instructor they gave me was Mr Qasim, a man who has taught examiners and instructors for years. He has the entire Highway Act in his head.

Arun Mathew

Past Student-Google Review

Driving Instructor Courses

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